Bellerose is a Belgian prêt-a-porter brand in the accessible luxury segment known for a casual, versatile wardrobe allowing freedom and creativity.

The brand is always curious and always on the lookout, without limiting themselves to one particular style. They prefer mixing and matching over purism. As the saying goes: old, new, borrowed and blue. What ties everything together is authenticity, craftsmanship and the passion that comes with it.  

Bellerose simply loves details. The brand is convinced that details alone make a huge difference and should never be neglected.

The new FW20/21 collection, Urban Tribes – Part II, features vibrant colors, athleisure elements, prints of all kinds, thrift store vibes, some preppiness and a lot of attitude. Inspired by the amazing variety of street fashion in some of the world’s biggest and most diverse cities, Bellerose tried to capture the bold and self-assured attitude that lies at the heart of these styles. Holding on to what worked, while pushing forward and welcoming renewal.

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