Originally created in Spain, Bobo Choses quickly knew a global success within kids universe. Surprising, colourful and funny, Bobo Choses creates comfortable clothes for children to have fun and writes books that invite you to imaginary worlds. Its founders wanted to create a brand made to speak to children.

For FW20-21, Bobo Choses presents « The Catalogue of Marvellous Trades », a new collection that celebrates creativity, possible and freedom. Translator of unwritten words, Cloud sculptor, Lucky star distributor, Pillow tester or Moon supervisor… What do you want to be when you grow up?

In this collection, the magical brand proposes « infinite possibilities to be whatever you want to be ». Colourful patterns in a vintage-inspired style, bright and washed colors, voluminous dresses, cozy coats, eclectic tights, embroidery details… There is something for everyone, and without any limit! 

But more than a brand that tells stories, Bobo Choses is carrying for the world. Responsible of its social and environmental footprint, the brand produces 90% of its FW20-21 collection locally (between Spain and Portugal). It uses sustainable fabrics as organic cotton *GOTS certified, avoid overstock by « re-using, re-cycling and re-ducing » and cares about people by visiting all suppliers during all production process.

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You can follow the brand on their Instagram @_bobochoses_ and on their website www.bobochoses.com