For FW21/22, the Barcelona-based brand Bonmot Organic presents its new collection "Life is a sport": an invitation for the upcoming generations to a healthier lifestyle based on a healthful diet and activity habits. Through this initiative, the brand aims to encourage the youngest to take care of themselves while keeping our world healthy

This new collection features the famous elements of Bonmot : the creativity and the comfort of their organic clothes. We find back the vibrant colors such as electric blue, flashy pink and bright yellow, but also a variety of funny prints inspired by some different sports, and the playful stripes in all colors and directions

Since its creation in 2017, Bonmot Organic is committed to an eco-friendly approach by overcoming the existing production and consumption habits of clothing in order to offer a more sustainable, fair and ethical fashion with both society and the planet. All the collection is 100% organic and locally produced

Let’s be a positive role model for the youngest ! 

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