BUHO is a Spanish kidswear brand based in Barcelona that features a nonchalant, bohemian and vintage universe. Its founder, Inès, launched the brand after giving birth to her two children, events that marked a turning point in her life but also in her professional career. 

Inspired by her childhood, she aims to create clothes that are special and unique while being soft and comfortable for every child. So that one day, if anybody asks "Do you remember your favourite garment when you were young?", the answer will be Búho. The colours are declined in a simple and delicate style, with neutral shades such as white and beige, the prints are exclusive and the fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure the high standards of the brand's quality. 

Entirely made in Europe, the collections are mainly produced in Spain, but also in France and Portugal. Búho adopts its own complex and unique processes for washing and dyeing garments in order to produce unique colours. Thus, the brand defends principles based on sustainability by exercising close control over its production but also by representing a local and sustainable trade. For Fall-Winter 20-21, Búho offers us a collection of timeless pieces such as knitted sweaters, romantic blouses, fluffy cardigans and overalls decorated with beautiful prints and details that only the brand has the secret. 

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You can follow them at @buho_barcelona and on their website buhobcn.com