Established in the center of Barcelona, Les Écoliers is a unisex and sustainable brand for kids. Inspired by the childhood memories of the creator, Berta Ferrer, in the 90s, the brand takes its name from the 'Passage des Écoliers,' a place where she used to play as a child. 

More than just clothes, Les Écoliers is a passionate brand for expressivecreativeand free-spirited kids. The style is boldurbanstreet, with winks to the world of surfing and skateboarding. Dressing up becomes a child's play. Comfortable and timeless, Les Écoliers' clothes remain respectful and innovative. Indeed, the Spanish brand values local and artisanal products, being part of a fashion with socialethicaland sustainable sensibility

« Un monde libre et sans complexes,» the brand's motto, represents all the values supported for a responsible fashion in a better world. 

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You can also follow the brand in their Instagram account @lesecoliers or on their website