Born from a rich family history in the textile industry, Mika and Milo is a children's clothing brand specialized in cashmere

The family-run business originally produced fine Scottish tweeds on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Almost a century later, most of Mika and Milo's premium cashmere comes from the plains of Inner Mongolia

Mika and Milo aims to create beautiful collections with timeless designs in superior quality made to last. The brand offers a perfect fiber for babies, which helps them to regulate their temperature. And if its is properly cared for, cashmere is incredibly long-lasting

But more than a promise of irreproachable quality, Mika and Milo is committed to the planet. As the brand says, "there is no Planet B", so what could be better than producing sustainable clothing that can be passed on from sibling to sibling, and then from generation to generation

The cashmere used comes from goats living in sustainable farms in the wild plains of Mongolia. They are sheared only once a year, when they no longer need their fur to keep them warm. All the dyes pass the strictest ethical and environmental standards so that the smallest ones can run no risk to their skin.  Also, Mika and Milo are working to reduce its carbon footprint and has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant lots and lots of trees. 

For Fall-Winter 20/21, Mika and Milo keeps its commitments and offers a super soft cashmere/merino collection that is the perfect blend of the softest cashmere from Mongolia and the most comfortable wool from Australia. Made only of durable materials, it is the ideal fiber for hand-made clothing in this age of sad environmental decline. 

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