Minimalisma is a timeless and high-quality children's wear brand with a strong minimalistic Nordic heritage

Founded and designed by Maja Akraberg, the brand is inspired by her childhood on a remote archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. It aims to create simple clothes in a superior quality with the idea that each piece is timeless and can be suitable for passing on to the younger sibling or to save the generation to come

Minimalisma uses soft materials like fine silk blends, crispy cotton piquet and soft organic cotton. They are also committed to ensure sustainability with high ethical standards, which is one of their main values besides quality and simplicity

For fall/winter 2020, Minimalisma presents the Never Out Of Stock (NOOS) collection. Inspired by nature, the colours reflect the landscape of Maja's home island with some wet moss green, calm seaweed, clay and soft morning rose mixed with the most magnificent red reminiscent of the sunset horizon of autumn days. Top quality seamless merino wool dominates this new collection, with soft cashmerecrisp organic cotton spikes and jacquard patterns that help to bridge the gap between style and comfort. Their signature silk seamless is also back in a new colour palette from delicate pearl to moss green

A collection carefully designed to softly comfort the tender child's skin while respecting the functionality of an active, playful childhood.

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You can follow the brand in their Instagram @minimalisma_com and on their website