Founded and designed by Maja Akraberg, Minimalisma is a timeless, high-quality children's brand with a strong Nordic heritage. Inspired by the founder's childhood in a remote archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, Minimalisma's philosophy remains on : Superior quality, simplicity and sustainability. Therefore, the brand aims to create timeless and beautiful pieces that could be passed on to younger siblings or kept from generation to generation.

For SS21, Minimalisma presents its "Be-kind collection" : a collection described by Maja as "Five houses on the outskirts of the smallest capital in the world. A big grassland on the other side of the road. A group of kids. Outdoors. Every day. That was my childhood playground."

Largely inspired by the fairytale forest of her archipelago, this new collection reflects pure natural qualities, radiates a love of nature and promises soft and timeless essentials. The color tones are rather earthy, they range from amber brown to golden rooibos. But we also find sky blue which takes up the colors seen through the leaves of the forest, and shades of pink echo a soft sunset. So many colors that reflect the little muddy feet and sparkling eyes after a busy day.

Minimalisma is committed to building a sustainable brand with high ethical standards that not only benefits the consumers or the children, but also the environment in general ! They use a special NEA fabric, which is a fabric developed for kids with neurodermatitis or sensitive skin that offers a natural, ecological and antibacterial alternative to conventional fabrics.

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