PETIT BATEAU X DEYROLLE is the story of a collaboration between two-century-old French institutions that share a common savoir-faire and commitment to the preservation of the planet. Three years after their first collection together, Petit Bateau and Deyrolle are back with a new capsule collection for Autumn-Winter 20/21 called "PROMENONS-NOUS DANS LA FORÊT" ("A WALK IN THE WOODS").

This new collection aims to transmit to all generations the wonder of life and to stimulate reflections on ecology, highlights the ecosystem that is at once enchanting, mysterious, familiar and unknown: the woods. In this collaboration, Deyrolle proposed to explore the wildlife and vegetation of this rich ecosystem and Petit Bateau suggested being inspired by the forests of the Northern Hemisphere.  

Deyrolle and Petit Bateau have chosen to celebrate the flora as well as the fauna, and to approach it from different perspectives, from the leaves to the tree. We find Petit Bateau's signature style mixing decoration techniques: from silkscreen prints to patches and embroidery. We can also find its iconic fabrics which are 1x1 rib, fleece, quilted tubic and the famous striped jersey. All this giving life to Deyrolle's educational posters.

This future-oriented collaboration is an invitation to understand the importance of preserving the balance of nature and to hand down knowledge through images. To stimulate wonder with curiosity, each item comes with cards or an explanatory booklet designed by Deyrolle, full of exciting informations to share. 

For Petit Bateau, this collaboration is just as significant since the brand reinforces its commitment to the planet a little more each year, especially with its strategic choice to replace conventional cotton with organic cotton

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