Since 2018, MIPOUNET embraces natural innovation and an inherently free spirit for the today's kids. 

Each capsule collection goes beyond the seasonal trends, presenting a selection of timeless limited pieces to be enjoyed season after season. 

For this summer, MIPOUNET wanted to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine and a big handful of outdoor play, creating "The Pause Bonheur", a tale that reconnects with nature, redefining beauty with a playful twist and discovering the joy of simplicity in each other, seeing the brand return to its origins

Nature's color palette weaves together an evocative Mediterranean landscape across the collection.

Organic cottons, muslins and linen continue to feature heavily across the designs, favouring choices that are better for the planet and for children. It’s a concept with a sustainable soul to embrace slow-fashion. 

MIPOUNET has fusioned colours, patterns, details and shapes of urban Prêt-à-Porter with a fresh sophistication and an international vision. 

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