Can you tell us more about your journey and the reasons why you found Kids Magazine?
I come from the world of communication and advertising. I have worked for a long time around brand content for emerging brands as well as established and recognized brands.
The KiDS adventure started timidly. I often have said “for fun”, that the idea was born on the corner of the kitchen table. It’s a bit true but it was more on the corner of a restaurant table... in Cannes. With Patrice Lambert, my best friend, we had the idea of creating a magazine focused on children’s fashion. It was at the beginning of 2012. The first issue was published in March 2012. And the adventure has continued since with the creation of BaBy KiDS, KiDS RooM and the fashion magazine for new generations, TeenS which has just be renamed BÔME.

COVID19 is affecting the entire kids’fashion sector, how do you feel your magazine will be impacted?
The period we are going through today is a real blow for all businesses. How are we going to get out of this crisis? Nobody knows, no one can predict anything. But this isolation, this confinement forces us to ask thousands of questions about our future and how to exist afterward. This is what my team and I are doing right now. We take the time to ask ourselves the right questions, share ideas, improve what needs to be improved. This involves implementing a new SEO strategy, updating our business data, lifting our website... Projects that were piled up on my desk.
We also decided to deploy the latest issues on many digital platforms so that magazines can exist despite the restricted access to newsstands. A solution that increases our visibility and our notoriety. We are already working on the June issues. For us... life goes on.

You are French and went to live in Copenhagen, do you think people have another point of view on Kids Fashion there?
My installation in Copenhagen dates from November. It was not a whim and I know that I am famous for that! It is a long-standing desire and a real need for change. Both personally and professionally. The magazines also needed a new input, a new vision... The Scandinavian countries are focused on the family which is their essence. And Scandinavian brands are known and recognized. They work and communicate. Unfortunately, not all European countries do it! So here I am in Copenhagen for a little while!

To create your content, how do you find the information you need?
The strength of our content lies in sourcing. We hardly ever work with press releases. I was tired of finding in KiDS and all the other magazines the same information with just two different words! This is not my job! In any case, that’s not how I see it. We use the news that reaches us only in two sections of the magazine. For the rest, the editorial team is looking for information on social networks, on foreign websites and on the various children’s fashion fairs we visit. It’s a lot of work but it’s so stimulating to be the only ones or the first ones to talk about it!

Finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone who wants to start into children’s fashion?
Launching a brand today must be a love story. A real passion. I only believe in brands that know how to define themselves from the start. Positioning, storytelling is important. Determining strengths and weaknesses is not given to everyone. Do not be afraid to doubt, to question yourself. Success sometimes also lies in certain failures. The key to success often rests on those around us. Mentors, meetings, entrepreneurial friends or wives/husbands… everyone has their own way of surrounding themselves to avoid the loneliness that comes with entrepreneurship. My most sincere advice is to believe in yourself and your project. And get back up after tripping. Creativity and consistency are essential!