Today we talk with Barbara Perino, founder of the print and online magazine Lemon Mag. Barbara tells us about her love for magazines. 

  • We are now in the era of digital, so why do you chose to publish a magazine that is both in digital and print instead of only digital?

I'm a magazine addict! For me feeling the paper, smelling the magazine is one of the things that makes me buy it! Lemon is not just content, it's a piece of well-designed art with amazing materials.  It's a collectible magazine, something you want to keep in your house as a decorative item as well. I must tell you that it's not easy and that I consider myself a bit "crazy" for doing that, unfortunately, we printed magazines, lack of support from brands, names, people and readers, but we are strong and here to stay.

  • What are the different characteristics of both versions (digital/print)? What do you emphasize in one version more than on the other and vice versa? 

Like I mentioned above it's the feel of the magazine and the fact that it is something people want to collect and show their friends when they visit their house. You gotta feel it to also understand it. 

  • In the Kid's universe, do you feel saturated by all the information you receive? Do you think a tool like Little-Tag is helping you for your content? 

Little-Tag is genius. It's so much easier for editors, stylists, photographers, and art directors! You basically have everything in one click instead of having to download all sorts of different types of material from several suppliers.  

  • ​Portugal has always been a key location for production but now more and more creative brands are emerging, why do you think that? 

Portugal is a little paradise with an amazing ocean view. We are creative souls, our ancestors explored the world and we keep on doing it. The quality of fabrics and manufacturing is top top, and brands like Piu Piu chick, Wolf&Rita, Andorine, Kaleidoscope, The blond moustache, play up for kids and Sienna, Naz, Headji, and other for adults are works of artists that never have quiet minds and seek for more and better every day. I'm very proud of Portuguese brands, and me and Lemon are grateful to be ambassadors for many Portuguese brands. 

  • Finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone who wants to start into children's fashion?

Nowadays nothing is new, being original and daring with quality is everything. It's not just about what you wear, it's about how do you feel when you wear it.


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