"It's time to make a change for the planet". 

We are super happy to bring you a new little interview today. Deborah Sfez, renowned AD and Stylist, talks about the new challenges in the business of Kid's Fashion. 

1. Hello Deborah Sfez! Can you briefly present yourself?

Hi Lili, Thanks for having me on Little Tag. I’m Deborah Sfez, I work in the Kid’s and women’s fashion industry as an Art Director and stylist. 

2. Can you tell us about your professional background? 

After working for 3 years in a press office in Paris, as a press agent specializing in Kids fashion, I decided to take some time off and flew to Sydney, Australia, for a year. This is where I met Beck Marshall, the founder and Creative Director of Papier Mache magazine and The New Story. I remember the day we first met on Crown Street, we connected straight away. I started working as a Market Editor on the first print issue in 2009. I remember walking back home from the office, thinking ‘this is it, that’s where I want to build my career’. Once back to Paris, I started working as Deputy Editor on the 15 print issues that followed, and in the meantime, I developed my own business as a Stylist and Art Director, and here I am ten years later.  

3. With the COVID 19 situation, what are the new requests of your customers? Do you think you’ll have to adapt your work in the future? 

I think the main priority at the moment is to stay safe and healthy. In the long term, we will have to rethink content and creativity. It’s a huge challenge since we are entering a new era in the fashion industry. It’s time to make a change for the planet, we need stronger actions and bigger commitments to save Mother Nature and we can't deny the positive effects observed after the worldwide lockdown. We need to find a new harmony between ecology and economy and we are all actors in this issue. We need to act together. 

4. When you are planning fashion editorials, do you find inspiration or information easily? How do you get it? 

My inspiration comes from many sources, it can be based on fashion trends, on the magazine’s editorial line or a more general trend such as movies, songs, etc. I always get excited when my original idea comes to life and gets published. 

5. Finally, what would be your advice for young brands or someone who want to start working in Kids’Fashion? 

I would recommend staying curious, paying attention to the people you work with/for, and to keep your goal in mind. Your business will have to constantly adapt to the situation it encounters. You have to be ready to reshape your business if needed and question yourself. It might take a while, and sometimes you might feel discouraged, but don’t let it get to you, trust in yourself, and remember failure is the beginning of success. 

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