How do the professionals of Communication in Kids' Universe react to the Digital Transformation?

Today we ask Violaine Belle·Croix, editor-in-chief of the French magazine Marie Claire Enfants and founder of the creative agency Fair.e what are the next challenges to overcome. 

  • Violaine, can you briefly tell us about your career in children's fashion?

I started working at MilK magazine after studying law and then kid's fashion adopted me! Today, I am the editor-in-chief of the magazine Marie Claire Enfants and I also offer consulting, style and redaction services in the family lifestyle universe.

  • You are striving for the necessary ecological transition, please tell us how you see this change in thinking and attitudes in kids' sector. 

That’s so looooooong! But it’s underway! New brands getting launched have environmentalism in their DNA and the other ones are working on it to move forward, change, progress and put in place this ecological transition which is necessary to survive.

  • The digital transformation obliges to publish more contents and more constantly. What inspires you to create relevant content?

It's true that this nonstop obligation repelled me at the beginning. To me, publishing content all the time is like becoming the BFM channel – French 24-hour rolling news channel – of inspiration! We don’t always have something to tell. We can also dedicate time to observe what is going on. But I started to do it and I think it’s interesting to develop an idea along various posts, to refer to old inspirations, not only to deal with current topics. To draw on our resources, archives and history to create beautiful and inspiring content that will bring a different community from neighboring one together. In summary, to publish contents following an editorial policy as well as we get used to doing with a magazine.

  • At the time of digitalization, what are the challenges for print magazines?

Print is not digital, and vice versa. This is a self-evident truth but too many people replace print with digital which has nothing to do with it. In our profession, magazines put on a market sector, kids' fashion in our case. A fashion shooting produced with looks created by a stylist, wore on paid-kids models and shot by a professional photographer can’t be compared to a family photo. In my opinion, both can coexist by not replace each other. Moreover, print magazines work a lot on editing. Paper format requires a good selection of the pictures and the words as its size is not infinite: we are limited by the page and this is the reason why our content is different from the content published on blogs, webzines or Instagram. That being said, I think all the expression channels are useful: paper, Instagram, events, web... Everything is interesting and this is why magazines explore digital in their own way. 

  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to embark on the children's universe?

Focus on realistic margins! Kids' industry is not a playground and there are lots of viability issues very difficult to overcome.


To know more about Violaine and the different projets she is involved with you can visit her website