tuc tuc interviewed Mireia Ruiz, the spanish graphic designer who collaborated with her colourful paintings and objects to the fall winter 19/20 shooting.

I was born in Barcelona in 1983 in an ordinary working-class family. As a little girl, I loved to draw but, at that time, it was just a hobby as far as my family was concerned.

They couldn’t see how I would be able to live from drawing. Luckily, my art teacher at secondary school told me about the profession of Graphic Design, so that was what I studied at university (though I would have preferred to do Fine Arts).

I spent 10 years working as a graphic designer for virous studios until I finally opened my own (Cocolia Studio). With the crisis in 2008-2009, we expanded our services and started to specialise in Set Design, something that was rather new here. I began to paint more and, as social networks started to take off, my Instagram began to be very popular. I opened an online shop and started to receive orders from paintings, as well as from brands looking for colourful print patterns. Now I am looking to focus on my artistic side and work under my own name. Everything has just evolved intuitively.

tuc tuc - Your favourite place in the world?

Mireia - Formentera, or anywhere with a beach and sunshine.

tuc tuc - The artist who most inspires you?

Mireia - Yayoi Kusama, from Japan.

tuc tuc - A book?

Mireia - “Feminismo de bolsillo” by Bel Olid.

tuc tuc - A fairy tale?

Mireia - “Where the wild things are” by Maurice Sendak.

tuc tuc - A song?

Mireia - “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club (I’m a 80’s girl).

tuc tuc - A dish?

Mireia - Any type of slow food (lentils, pulses, stew, etc.).

tuc tuc - What was your favourite subject at school? And your least favourite?

Mireia - Without a doubt, Art, and the least P.E. But I was generally a good pupil.

tuc tuc - If you could be a colour, which would you be?

Mireia - Red! My mother always says, “A child always looks good in red”, and that has stuck with me. I remember my mother would always combine colours: If the shoes were red, then you have a red hair tie.

tuc tuc - If you could be a garment or a complement, which would you be?

Mireia - A coat or raincoat… and red. I love them.

tuc tuc - Describe the way you work.

Mireia - Very intuitively. I tend to be guided by the impulses though I do work with sketches before formalising them.

tuc tuc - Where does your inspiration comes from?

Mireia - From what I saw when I was little, things that happened in the 80’s, the Memphis movement. We are a colourful generation. Colour is therapy. I work with colours to cheer myself up. I love positive, energetic music. Sad music impacts me too much.

tuc tuc - What advice would you give to the parents of a child who is strongly attracted to the artistic world?

Mireia - Support your child! If they are happy, then you’ve got to support them unreservedly. Although I don’t have any children, I think that emotional intelligence is too often overlooked. My mother thinks it’s great that I can now earn money painting pictures or murals.

tuc tuc - Your Instagram profile is called “Mireia and her things”. What “things” are a part of Mireia’s life?

Mireia - Many objects I’ve been given or found on the street into which I breath new life when I paint them. Every Saturday I go to “Los Encants” in Barcelona with my mother to find new objects. I’m currently working on a project involving painted ceramic balls. I also talk about things like where my inspiration comes from, exhibitions, museums, trips, etc.