Hooligans Magazine has recently celebrated 5 years and we are so happy we could have a little chat with Marina Ansaldo from the team! 

1. Hello Hooligans team! Can you briefly present yourself ?

Hello! My name is Marina Ansaldo, I am the social media and blog editor for Hooligans Magazine. I attended Parsons, The New School for Design in NYC with a focus on children’s fashion. I live in the United States and I connect and work remotely through technology with Eliza Logan, our Editor in Chief in LA and our art director Natasscha Girelli in Denmark. 

2. How and when did you start Hooligans Magazine? What is your specificity? 

We started Hooligans in 2015, (5 years ago!) with the intent to make a wave in children’s fashion. We wanted to create a magazine that was more like an art book, featuring images that were out of the box and different from what was already seen in the children’s fashion world. 

3. As a digital magazine, where do your readers come from? 

We have readers and contributors from all around the world. With our new focus on being digital, we utilize social media and make an effort to have a strong online presence. It really is so amazing to connect with everyone digitally. My absolute favorite thing about it all is working with and meeting people from every corner of the world. 

4. Do you find inspiration or information easily? How do you get it? 

I often say, the best feeling is to be inspired. Our inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. With each issue, we celebrate a different theme. Our themes mostly come from what is  happening in the world, childhood, and the fact that kids are hooligans! Our next theme “Why Not?”, was actually born while we were in Florence for Pitti Bimbo. We saw a tee shirt with the bust of David blowing bubblegum and we had a good laugh and said “Why Not?” A great source of inspiration is Pinterest. I always use it when searching for anything really, it’s a curated google search. 

5. If you have any advice for someone who wants to start a brand in the kids’ universe industry, what would it be? 

We work with loads of brands and I sometimes I wish I could just tell them to do it a little differently! So I’m glad you asked this. I think the most important aspects of owning a children’s brand is utilizing social media (your brand will not prosper or survive without it), create amazing campaigns to showcase your amazing designs, attend trade shows and fashion shows, and educate yourself as much as you can, you should never stop learning. 

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