Today we talk with Olivia Sewell the Founder and Editor of the online magazine The Caperberry Collective. We wanted to know more her perspective about digital transformation and her inspiration for the blog as a young mom.

  • How did it all start? What was the inspiration to start THE CAPERBERRY COLLECTIVE? 

I’ve always known that I wanted to be my own boss, run my own gig, to simply do it my way. I knew way before I was even considering having children that, as a mum, I would want to be able to drop anything to see my kids play football, sing in the school play and just go get ice cream after nursery – whilst simultaneously knowing I’d need something to keep me ‘me’. Combine that with a love for travel, food, fashion and now fashion for kids, and viola…Caperberry was born! It started out as more of a lifestyle blog and wasn’t really gaining the momentum I wanted, but after the birth of my son 2 years ago, I had a renewed sense of ambition, direction and love for children’s clothing brands – well, mainly the
inspiring women behind said brands. This is when Caperberry really started happening.

  • In the “digital” universe, you need to constantly come up with new publications and it’s a challenge for both creatives and brands. How do you manage to keep the content from the digital magazine always up to date? 

It happens quite organically really. I’m constantly speaking with brands and/or their PR gurus, and there’s always something new and exciting happening. Whether it’s a new collection, collab or whole new label emerging. Instagram is also a great way to gather ideas for content… I love stumbling across tiny labels that have just started out and have so much potential bubbling away on the surface - I get excited at the thought of being a small part of their growth and journey.

  • Would you say the way to find the inspiration and resources for your content was harder in the past or now?

I would say both. In a way it’s much easier now as many more brands approach us rather than vice versa. The rabbit hole of social media also makes things easier… You look for one brand, stumble across another, they are following a friend who’s just started a brand new collection - you get the idea! But on the other hand, with so many new labels cropping up, it can be hard to be selective and stay true to your identity. We have everything at our fingertips (as does every other platform and magazine) which can make finding and creating exclusive content harder.

  • How do you reach style conscious women who love fashion, beauty, food, travel and interiors?

We provide the goods and they come to us!

  • Would you say now that there is a place in the world that should be highlighted for having more creative brands in the kids’ fashion industry?

Yes, at the moment the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, very closely followed by the brands based and made here on our doorstep in the UK.

  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the kids’ fashion industry?

Find your niche. Be authentic, don’t copy other brands/platforms and just have fun with it!


Founded in 2016, The Caperberry Collective is an online magazine promoting and sharing exceptional and inspirational content. Based in London but created by an international collective of writers, image makers and creatives, Caperberry is the ultimate online destination for the multitasking, creative, engaging, modern woman.

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