How do media professionals react to the constant need for content ? We asked Anna and Antonia, founders of MILAN MAGAZINE, how they find inspiration but also where the parents of the next generation in Germany are going regarding Kid's fashion. 

1. Hello Anna and Antonia! Can you briefly present yourself?

We are twin sisters, and since we can remember we have been crazy about fashion. Even as small children we plundered the wardrobe of our Italian cousin: golden ballerinas and flower dresses made of silk. Some time later, we were used to look over the shoulder of our "Nonna", a seamstress, and devoured every issue of Vogue Italia that we could find. Our second home, Italy, has had a great influence on our sense of fashion! We then actually studied fashion design in Munich and graduated with a children's collection. After some design jobs in the children's and women's fashion sector, we moved on to styling and finally to fashion journalism...

2. How and when did you launch MILAN Magazine? What was the project that led to its creation?

While working at two German print children's fashion magazines in Berlin, we were more and more thinking about founding our own magazine. The idea of creating an online magazine for children's fashion & lifestyle topics seemed to make sense to us, because an all-digital platform for the children's universe did not yet exist in Germany at that time. Finally, five years ago we founded MILAN Magazine. As a German-language online magazine, we not only reach readers in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland, as well as numerous other interested parties in Europe and the rest of the world.

3. With the digital age, the need for content is constant and thus challenging. How do you manage to publish relevant content? And where do you find inspiration?

Among all the press releases and images that rain down on us daily, we try to filter out the content that we find most relevant and exciting for us and, of course, first and foremost for our readers. Over time, we develop a feeling for which topics are particularly well liked by our audience. It's important for us to keep up with the season, pick up on current trends, and focus on up-and-coming labels that match the “Zeitgeist”, the spirit of the times. We also want to present our content as original as possible: with self-written texts and self-composed collages.

We often find inspiration in fashion photography. It can happen that a picture impresses us so much that we spin a whole theme out of it. But also outside of fashion, you can be kindled by new ideas, sometimes it's an outstanding children's book, a new movie or a special day in the calendar, such as "World Oceans Day" or "Eat an Apple Day".

4. In Germany how are KID’S CREATIVE BRANDS doing? What are the new generation of parents looking for their kids?

This is a very interesting question. At the trade fairs, we often talked to the founders of various labels about the somewhat difficult situation of children's fashion on the German market. There may be exceptions, but the fact is that the majority of Germans tend to think very pragmatically when it comes to children's fashion. It must be functional, by no means too fancy or decorative, and above all one thing: affordable. "Children grow out of everything so quickly," is a sentence we often hear. Unfortunately, this widespread thinking leads to a preference for short-lived discount fashion in this country. A great pity ... So with our magazine we feel a bit like fashion missionaries.

But on the other hand, we are fortunately observing a change in thinking: the new environmentally conscious generation of parents in Germany is quite willing to spend money on high-quality children's fashion. Outdoor clothing is in demand, easy-to-wear pieces made of organic cotton, and when we look at the toy industry, natural toys in Waldorf style are experiencing a huge boom.

5. Finally, what would be your advice for young brands or someone who want to start working in kid’s fashion?

If you want to take off as a young brand today, we think you should consider this beforehand: Which products are still lacking or which age group has been neglected so far? Or how can I reinterpret already existing fashion pieces? Starting on a small scale and specializing in a few well thought-out original products is certainly not wrong. Whether you find your niche in the accessories sector, for example with an ingenious diaper bag, want to produce exclusively nostalgic knitwear fashion or even let fashion and toys merge into an innovative product - finding new sustainable approaches in production is a must nowadays, as well as investing in good marketing - an appealing Instagram appearance, strong fashion campaigns - getting attention is the key!

But above all, you should be open to all sides in this industry, because the children's fashion sector is very diverse and offers a wide range of opportunities for creative expression: no matter whether you want to work in the styling sector, as an editor for a fashion magazine, or in a PR agency. It is important to gain as much valuable experience as possible and of course to build up a good network!

Thank you so much for your great inputs! 

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