Starting as a hobby, DESIGN HUNGER is now a leading blog'zine in design. Little tag had the pleasure to ask 5 questions to her founder Grethel Signamarcheix about KID'S DESIGN ;-)

1. Hello Grethel, Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello Little-Tag team! I am Grethel and I have been working in kids fashion for many years: worked as press agent Kidding Presse in Paris, designer at Nobodinoz in Barcelona, Stylist at Naif magazine, amongst other roles. A few years ago, when I was in Bali, I started a creative agency with my partner called UNIKA*. We now also have an office in Lisbon. We create brandings, graphic pieces, websites, content consulting and digital marketing.

A few years back I started a design Instagram account called @design_hunger as a hobby and it grew more than I expected, so I turned it into a blog and then launched Design Hunger Kids as I was missing working with kids brands. Now, it is not only me behind Design Hunger but a whole team.

2. How and when did you launch Designer Hunger kids? 

It was in 2019, 2 or 3 years after Design Hunger, when I was pregnant and feeling the need to reconnect with kids brands.

3. Can you tell us your vision about the future of the press? Print magazines, blogs or digital magazine & Social Media? Where the readers will go? 

I personally love print magazines and still buy some, but I do believe this will end at one point, unfortunately. Nowadays, people are addicted to information and spend a lot of time online. I believe digital magazines, blogs and social media have more reach than printed media. I also believe people are looking for information they can trust and which is real, like products tested by a real unpaid user and by people they can relate to. This is why personal blogs have a huge success and why digital communication is definitely important for brands.

4. Can you give us some of your latest crushes in Design for kids? 

- I am a big fan of Sticky Lemon in general, from the products to the packaging, the materials they use on their photoshoots and the amazing color palettes! Plus, they've created a side label for adults now, it's called Sticky Sis :)

- A classic/must-have is Nobodinoz tipi and eco velvet theatre. Plus, I love the fact that their production is all ethically made in Europe.

- Baltazar from Lucky Boy Sunday is also a big crush! Made of Alpaca wool, this one is a classic that remains as cool as the first day that it was launched.

- Maisondeux eyes rug (LOVE them).

- Kalon studio caravan drawer.

- Raduga Grez wooden deco toys.

- Oliver furniture Loft beds

- Kutikai furniture wardrobe

- Rainbow mini bench Oyoy

- Ila y Ela lion

- Numero 74 embroidery kit

5. And finally, what would be your advice for a young brand willing to get into kid’s Design? 

Be different, don't copy, stand out, be yourself, work hard, produce as locally and sustainably as you can, and invest into marketing and image.

A brand should not be only a beautiful product range. It should tell a story, have strong values and be unique.

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