We are very happy to bring you this little interview with Liz Sheppard about a great experience and plan for the future. No doubt there is much to learn! 

1. Hello Liz! Can you briefly present yourself and tell us about your professional background? 

Hello! I am a creative director for women and kidswear and publisher of online magazine Awkward World. I ran my own creative agency in London for many years and had amazing clients from Burberry, Joseph, Connolly, Reiss. Now I work freelance and travel working for many kids and womenswear brands. 

2. How and when did you found AWKWARD Magazine? Tell us more about it! 

I launched Awkward about 4 years ago as a creative bridge between my womenswear and kidswear. It is such a great creative platform for photographers, videographers, models and stylists and I am immensely proud of the work. I love photographing teens -  they are so under represented in photography and videos in magazines. I like to keep it a little edgier rather than commercial.Teens are even trickier than kids - they are creative, vulnerable and really awkward! Yet they are quick, adept and are going to be our future.

3. As a creative director, you are used to work with both adults and children brands. What do you the most enjoy about working with kids and where do you find inspiration ?

I love to engage with kids - they are much easier to work with if you talk to them and explain what you would like them to do! I find myself physically demonstrating things. Adults tend to get a little more uptight whereas kids tend to get on with it. It helps if you really make it fun. I love it when they concentrate and really try to do their best. I think finding an emotion within the pictures I edit is very important. Sometimes I art direct kids who are just in their own world and that is great too and you often get the best out them just being themselves and those are some of the best results.

4. According to the actual context, do you think that kid's fashion goes toward a new era? 

Yes definitely -  kids fashion has moved immeasurable forward over the last decade. Kids have more say in what they wear and designers are producing some amazing sustainable and beautiful shapes and designs. Kids have their own very set ideas about what they love to wear ’scratchy' fabrics are not on their agenda and I’ve seen some brilliant kids at casting who ‘self-style’. There are some great designer kids fashions that look modern and ground breaking.

5. Finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone who want to start working in kids' fashion?

Follow your heart, listen to yourself and be consistent. Know your market more than anything. I would also limit the amount designs you produce. It’s better to be consistent and produce for a niche that try to do all things to all people - that rarely succeeds.

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