We are very happy to bring you a little chat with Photographer Alexandra Klever about kid's fashion and KINDA magazine project. 

1. Hello Alexandra, can you briefly present yourself? 

First of all: Thanks for having me. I’m Alex and I live in Hamburg with my husband Holger. In my first life, I’m a children’s photographer specializing in kids fashion, and since 2018, I’m the publisher of KINDA Magazine as well. I’ve been photographing kids campaigns and editorials for more than 15 years, and I still can’t get enough of it!

2. When did you launch KINDA MAGAZINE? Can you tell us more about this project? 

It all started with a small group of friends from the creative field (art director, photographer and writer). Together, we had been dreaming of a magazine telling stories about children, fashion and being on the way, paying homage to the beauty and strength of visual imagery. Starting out as a print magazine in 2018, we received overwhelmingly positive responses, so we started sharing our vision online too. This way, we reach a much wider crowd, and we can interact with interesting brands and people from all parts of the world more easily. This way, our magazine is evolving literally day by day. Many readers tell us, when looking for inspiration, KINDA is their favorite destination, and that’s a fantastic compliment!

3. What are in your opinion the main challenges for KIDS FASHION and DESIGN for 2020-202? 

The uncertain times we live in make us realize the fragility of globalization and mass consumption. I feel it’s more important than ever to focus on what really matters, like ethical ways of production and slowing down consumption, and I hope KINDA can play a part in finding a more healthy balance between profitability and ecology.

4. And if you have any advice for young brands entering the children's universe? 

Having a strong visual idea - and communicating it visually - is key. I see and meet a lot of young brands who create beautiful styles, but could be more active in presenting themselves on social media.

I think it’s very important to pay attention to the business side as well, since it’s a highly competitive market. My other advice is to try being as sustainable as possible. From my experience, more and more people value this approach, and are ready to learn more about it. After all, caring about the environment means caring for our children’s future, right?

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