Petit-Style Magazine was created 8 years ago by partners in life and business Ana Flores and Antonio López in Spain. Their wise experience has leading them to create several projects in the kid's universe as the recent KIDS FASHION CAMP. We are very happy to bring you this interview of Ana Flores for Little-tag ;-) 

1. Hello Ana, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am a mother of 2 teenagers, journalist, and editor of Petit Style, Petit Traveller, and founder of several other projects related to the kid’s world.

2.You founded Petit Style, "la revista del mundo infantil" 8 years ago now, can you tell us your motivation and how it’s going?

We started the project (We as in 2, with my business and life partner, Antonio López) when we had our 2 little kids and a lot of needs to cover. On one side, the urge to have a good work-life balance, a breaking point of so many women to work on their own; and on the other side my personal need to create and offer a publication about the kid’s universe, being fashion and lifestyle, with more periodicity than 6-month children special’s on the usual magazines.

Bloggers started hitting hard and there was a lot of information out there. We realized mothers had a lack of time to gather and organize all this information on the net so we decided to assemble all this in an appealing and synthetized way.

We launched the magazine from scratch. Antonio and I already worked together on the editorial and design of other publications for different sectors.

With an ICO credit in our hands, a lot of illusion, and the will of doing nice things, we surrounded ourselves with great collaborators, each of them experts and parents, to launch Petit Style. Since then, 8 years of editing and 59 issues have come to life.

3. The Kids Fashion Camp is the first children's fashion camp organized by Petit Style and Happy Kids Media. Can you tell us more about this project?

Kids Fashion Camp is a dream come true. A fresh, different, fun, and motivating project.
We spend a whole week, 24/7 with a bunch of kids interested in the fashion universe, photography, social media and offer them quality lectures besides fun bilingual activities.

It’s a week where all the Petit Style team come together, live in full with the kids, and work our fingers to the bone for the children to have the best experience, and us too. At the end of the week, everyone is craving for more. We have a return rate of 60% for next year’s camp. It’s as stimulating as it gets, as we are bound to understand the children’s interests, to know them better, how they develop and evolve, and keep updated every year.

4. According to the current context, do you think the situation is still favorable for new projects? How do you see the situation in Spain?

Our country’s situation has been and is truly difficult. We are characterized by being social animals. We employ a lot of fashion and different styles as we go out, celebrate much more, and need an outfit for each moment and occasion.
This year has been unquestionably complicated. As a media, we had the mission to support many firms, boutiques and start-ups to keep on going all together.

5. And finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone who wants to start working in kids' fashion?

My advice to any young brand would be to focus on what makes them unique, on what makes them particular from the other brands. To be honest. We live in the social media era and the customer’s feedback. Customer relations must be open, clear, and impeccable.
To invest in communication. These past years we have seen brands with the best product, design, and complete collections that don’t get to the customer as they haven’t invested time nor resources to do so.

Families nowadays give a lot of emphasis on conscious living. Slow life, and especially the quality time we dedicate to our children and the goods we buy for them. We seek to be sustainable and look at how the goods are made, how it’s sold, and who’s behind the brand.
Empathy is above all of this.

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