What's Doolittle's future going to be? How to combine the print magazine and the online? We talk about DOOLITTLE's new challenges with Anne-Charlotte Vermynck, founder of the magazine and the DOOLITTLE AGENCY

1. Hello Anne-Charlotte, can you briefly present yourself?

Hello! I'm Anne-Charlotte Vermynck. I founded Doolittle Magazine more than 10 years ago now. It’s a bi-annual magazine for parents about all things children. Doolittle talks about fashion, culture and society. For us, the most important is to combine style and content.
Six years ago, I also founded Doolittle Agency, a 360° response to all issues in the communication sector. We organize a lot of events, but we also work on the communication strategy, consulting, art direction, brand's website, ... 

2. Can you tell us more about DOOLITTLE and the new projects of the magazine?

Doolittle is following its journey the best we can in the current context. For the back-to-school issue, we decided to separate the style and the content (so precious to us) in order to distinctly spread the messages on our different supports. 

The last print issue we published just before the confinement spoke about the world of tomorrow "the best is future". We wanted to give a second life to this issue which, on the era of the covid, tells us very clearly about the post-confinement and the child of 2050. You can find most of the articles on our website. As for the print issue, it will be slightly shifted to mid-October instead of the end of August. This allows us to take a break before going back to school! We want it to be exceptionally 100% visual. With this next issue, we want to highlight all the creativity of the Doolittle team. A poetic issue in a world that has the will to breathe again.

3. What is your vision about the future of the press? Print magazines, blogs or digital magazine & Social Media... Where the readers will go?

I think the niche press will always have its place. Afterward, I'm very attached to print so maybe the future will tell me that I'm “old-school” myself...

4. Every edition of DOOLITTLE magazine is featuring a strong original, astonishing, off-the-wall theme. How and where do you find inspiration

I think the energy of the teams has a lot to do with it. At editorial meetings, we eat, bake cakes, laugh a lot and we often drift apart in our conversations. This freedom always allows us to find an inspiring theme. It comes from a different person each time. Everyone has a say, regardless of their role in the magazine, and everyone can vote for or against a theme. The main thing is that it should be debated and lead a reaction. If we don't agree on a theme and we talk about it a lot, or if it unleashes the subjects because they are very inspiring, BINGO we take it. We're just trying to figure out what we want to talk about, we're not trying to be trendy and I think that's what works just fine in our team. 

5. And finally, what would be your advice for a young brand willing to get into kid’s universe?

Strength, bravery, determination and originality. Being an entrepreneur, in every area, is always a difficult journey but the freedom you gain is worth it. Having the possibility to do what you want to do is the best!

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