This week, we are very happy to bring you our little talk with Charlotte Kewley, founder of the LITTLE STYLIST blog. 

1. Hello Charlotte, can you briefly present yourself? 

I’m a UK based baby & kids fashion stylist. I style shoots for brands and editorials. I’ve focused purely on baby & kids for around 5 years but prior to this I was a women’s/celebrity stylist & fashion editor working mostly for magazines. I live in East London with my husband and two children and run my blog The Little Stylish from home!


You run the blog THE LITTLE STYLIST. Could you please tell us more about the project?

As a baby & kidswear stylist and mother of young children I spend a LOT of time looking at, styling and writing about shopping for babies & kids and I love it! I know most modern, style conscious, time-poor parents don’t have quite the same amount of time to dedicate to shopping for their little ones so my hope is that The Little Stylist provides a resource and does the work for them by editing through the masses and just sharing the best, most stylish pieces from the high street and beyond. So, they can just flick through my edits and see and buy a curated collection of beautiful kidswear essentials whatever their budget.

I’m also a huge champion of independent brands. So, I try to showcase and support them as much as possible! 

3. Because of the current special context, do you think we go towards a new area in KID’S FASHION? Did you have to change your way of working to adapt yourself to these weird times?

Yes, I think that sadly as a result of COVID many kids fashion titles (especially those that were UK based) have folded their print editions so pretty much every kids fashion editorial is now primarily digital. Which does make sense as I think most new parents use their phones to look at, well, anything now. But it still makes me sad! And brands are definitely not able to shoot as much or in the same way as before, everyone is shooting the bare minimum I think, and shoots are of course very different with masks and gloves etc. Virtual shoots and presentations are happening more and more too. I personally have still been shooting but less than normal. It’s actually been quite a good thing for me as it’s finally given me more time to focus on The Little Stylist and take steps to building it into the brand I’d love it to become...

4. You’re expecting a baby! What are the fashion and design baby brands you like the most lately?

I am. Very exciting. Any tips on three appreciated! 

Ooh there are SO many. Some on my list are Wunderlang. I’m in love with their heritage knit cardigans and sweaters. Marlon & Little Friends – a London based, French made vintage inspired baby brand whose bonnets have always made me impossibly broody. I love everything from Apolina and Misha + Puff. I constantly covet pieces from The Animals Observatory, Bobo Choses & TinyCottons baby collections. Oh, and Binibamba for sheepskin. I could go on...

5. Finally, what would be your advice for young brands or someone who wants to start working in Kids' Fashion?

I think for someone who wanted to start working in kids’ fashion to just get lots of experience. Assist stylists, get work experience with brands and PR agencies specialising in kidswear, intern on magazines (print and digital) and start to build up your contacts. And for new brands – firstly make sure you’re happy with your product. Do your research on competitors, make sure you’re doing something different! Then get it out there. Set up social media accounts and make your imagery and content beautiful! Contact stylists, PR’s, blogs that you love and think are aesthetically right for your product

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