Last June, we had the pleasure to attend our first physical show since the pandemic at PITTI BIMBO Florence. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to ask 6 questions to Giuliana Parabiago, Marketing and PR consultant to the fair and ex Vogue Bambini director, on the return of the show in real life. Enjoy the reading! 

1. After this year and a half confined, it seems everything is coming slowly to its place.. stores are reopening, travel bans are being lifted, summer is here.. How did you, as a team, felt at the beginning of the season that everything could come up as before pandemic times? What were your feelings about coming back to a new offline event?

My personal feeling is NICE. Very happy to see people but we didn’t stop working. We never stopped. We worked very hard all the time to go online and physically. This time we are absolutely ready for PITTI Connect and now we can do physical too. We worked close to the people so we didn’t feel any separation, always in contact during these months. Face to face is different. Although we don’t have the idea of being worse. Now we are completely different. We have the time to sit and think about what’s next and change. We never stop. Last year everyone was reacting and not thinking.

2. How are you dealing with your online platform? Have you found the balance yet between real-life shows and the platform?

We have finally found the balance. Online and offline is a marriage, there’s no first or second. It has to be a match, if you see our logo for this season, there are 2 zeros connected to each other, it’s the meaning of what we are living now. 

3. Brands are more than ever very careful about making big investments, do you think you could have done something different to make them feel safe to present their collections at the show?

They want to understand what’s happening, children’s distribution is changing as well and not because of the pandemic, it was changing before and now faster. They want to understand where their money goes. They asked us to do a fashion show and we decided it would be best not to bring children here. For this time, we used Reels from Instagram with Maria Julia to present looks for the brands. It's an experiment. Brands can use it with their retailers, clients, on their website, as they want. Not all brands have the money to communicate on new collections, we are helping them to have tools to communicate through the fair in a modern way. 

4. Press and stylists are an important part of the shows as well, what are you doing for them to not feel left aside in this situation?

We are always in contact with them, I don’t want to divide the press between digital and print. It's press, influencers, the same way. We support them every time, they call us and we select for them many contents, fashion trends for each of them personalized, and when they have no time, no resources, few people. A journalist called me this morning and said: I want a story, so we give it to him in no time.  We know very well all the brands and we can make them come for new stories of them.

In this edition, many journalists preferred to stay at home. I can understand they want to stay and are afraid but after seeing the videos and photos they want to be here. They want to come back.

6.  What are your expectations of the show, what are you feeling? 

The expectations were very low. When a journalist asked Napoleon, what are you waiting for? He replied: EXIST. The first morning I saw many people coming, it’s not a business decision, but a communication decision. This time is when you can upgrade or not your awareness. Even if many of them are looking to make business.

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