This week started the first week of the #kidsdigifashion on THERENDEZ-VOUS.COMA Kids Digital week organized by Pirouette blog, Scimparello Magazine, Hooligans Magazine and Smudgetikka. We took the opportunity to talk with Katie from Pirouette to get to know a little more... 

1. Hello Katie, can you briefly present yourself? 

I’m tall, have curly hair and probably talk about the kid’s fashion industry far too much. My two daughters certainly think so. I’m a good ideas person and quick to get things off the ground. I enjoy a G&T and secretly (shhh) watch the real housewives of NYC and Beverly Hills, sometimes combining the two. Neon pink eyeliner is my way of dressing up during the pandemic/ lockdown, and along with my lovely Rendez-Vous ladies I’m very excited to launch our Kids Digital Fashion Week.

2. How and when did you start PIROUETTE ? What is your role at the blog?  

Pirouette was originally founded by the enigmatique Florence Rolando and I’m the current custodian. As Editor pre Covid 19 I travelled each season to Florence, Paris, New York and Copenhagen covering the trade shows looking for what’s going on in the kid’s fashion industry. We created the Pirouette Pitti Bimbo Video Diary - covering the runway shows and talking to the labels and industry people. Plus of course the Pirouette One to Watch Awards designed to highlight some of the season’s most interesting collections and labels. I have many hats really - consultant, writer, editor, content creator just all navigating in and around the kid’s universe. 

3. With the Covid-19 situation, you had the idea to organise together with Hooligans, Scimparello and Smudgetikka THE RENDEZ-VOUS, a digital event to help brands to promote their SS21 collections. Can you tell us more about the project? 

The Rendez-Vous is an alliance of leading digital kid’s fashion media platforms: Pirouette, Scimparello, Hooligans and Smudgetikka. We’ve joined forces to shout the message that ‘Kid’s Fashion Continues’ to buyers, press and consumers.

 ...and we’re kicking it off with two Digital Kid’s Fashion Weeks:

The first in August the week commencing the 17th

The second in September the week commencing the 7th 

Like fashion week there will be allocated time slots featuring never seen before sneak peek images of SS21 collections from participating labels. All the media partners and @therendez-vous will post synchronized IG social media posts across their feeds. 

Each day is scheduled with content from the brands, interviews, panel zooms, behind the scenes videos, expert advice and IG LIVES. 

It’s a social media event and it’s going to be fun so make sure to follow all the partners IG’s and @therendez-vous !

4. As a digital professional, do you think that kid’s fashion goes toward a new era? 

Certainly, digital is not the future - it’s the present fast tracked by Covid...The labels that embrace this and can clearly navigate the digital marketplace, whether that is direct to consumer or to business will stand the best chance of prospering.

5. If you have any advice for someone who wants to start a brand in the kid’s universe industry, what would it be?

I listened to a business podcast recently that said economic downturns are the perfect time to start a new business. Companies such as Airbnb, Whatsapp, Groupon etc all started in recession - the theory being if you can survive the bad times you will prosper in the good times. This however is not the usual recession and I’m not quite sure yet how this relates to the kids’ universe. 

One established label is launching its new brand with The Rendez-Vous in August - but they have years of experience with manufacturing and delivering their collections season after season. If I wasn’t honest, I wouldn’t be me... I would advise that at present anyone thinking of starting a new label really needs to know the industry and be clear of how in these uncharted times they are going to make it successful, which to my mind must involve a clear focus on digital.

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