This week, we bring you our little talk with Kiki, founder and content creator of the boys' blog THE COOL HEADS. She tells us more about her blog, she shares her top 3 trends of SS21 for boys and what she's missing in boy's collection. Enjoy the reading ! 

1. Hello Kiki, can you briefly present yourself ?

Hiii Lili, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We love Little-Tag !

I’m Kiki, founder and content creator of the boys blog THE COOL HEADS

Based in lovely Amsterdam, where I live with my husband and our two boys, 17 and 9 years old. I studied at the Academy of Art - "fashiondesign", but ended up being a photographer for more than twenty years. Learned my skills from the best food-photographer (still my mentor) and some cool fashion photographers, by assisting them and creating my non-commissioned work.

Now in 2021, I prefer my role as a "helicopter", an editor, a creator, an art director. Guiding brands and lovely creatives. Brainstorming together about new concepts.

Still love to shoot sometimes though, for content or a collaboration. By experience I know I’m hard to categorize and I like the idea now, as I found out along the way… It is  a positive thing : ) .

2. The Cool Heads  is « a blog curating art, design and styles for cool boys and their contemporary parents ». Can you tell us more about it ? What was the idea when launching the blog ?

While launching in 2013, the only simple idea was to share my findings for boys.

As many times, people asked me about the stuff I bought for my oldest. The boys were not represented at all, at that time. Except by a few cool (blogging) moms, but that was quite rare. So without being aware, I found my niche.

I think… now 8 years later, I see it as a platform to support the small independent brands.  And curating in my own way. From a different point of view. I think it is more about "the people". The boys who wear it, the designers, the people who actually make the designs, the crew who shoots a campaign, the shop who sell the brands. The cool IG-ers who inspire us daily. They all have a story to tell. Or… everybody has a story… And then we have things at a human level. Our Earth we have to take care of, right now! The social issues, the personal context and circumstances. It all influences my blog.

As an empathic person, I would love to show my compassion. I am more interested in the inside than the outside, although my heart also warms up from the interest in innovation, design, art and the exterior looks. I have to admit. But everything is based on the story. Yes storytelling, because there is where we all find each other.

I’d love to add a personal note, as it is my story

At that time of launching my blog, I became also the "care giver" of my dad, who was diagnosed with dementia. The time left was my compass. You can imagine, not much time left to focus all the time. So I wasn’t focussed on followers and numbers. It didn’t matter at all… Just was living the moment… Which now happen to be a great gift.

When dad past away in July 2019 I also slowely closed my loose way of writing and posting - "when-I-have-time"… For a long time I didn’t post at all. But now I’m back with all the energy to make it my main business, as I experience so much joy, writing and creating and above all, working with and for lovely brands. This year, 2021, will be the new direction for The Cool Heads

I’m working on a new website, writing for brands and concepts and are creating content. Love to work with brands, based on growth, trust, and "a sustainable" collaboration, literally and figuratively. Bringing the world of boys to a higher level

A platform filled with (real) stories, inspiration, and an obvious one, lovely styles for the dudes

3. Can you share with us your Top 3 favorite trends of SS21 for boys with brands features on LITTLE-TAG ?

My favourite trends of SS21 are;

1. "The sophisticated colour-palette", of Repose AMS
2. ‘"Sustainable fun", of Mini Kyomo, Oeuf

3. ‘The comfy baggy style’, of brands like Finger in the Nose, Bellerose, Tinycottons, Repose AMS, Bonmot Organics, Nadadelazos, Les Écoliers. 

4. What are you missing in boy's fashion?

Lately boysfashion is naturally growing in the right direction. The one where we would love to see more room for "the individual boy".  

I’m missing the center, the one who’s wearing it, "the boy in 2021!

What do they really want to wear… Listen to that…

The kids-fashion-universe is so categorized and programmed in their way of working. Out of the box thinking, by (some) commercial brands, would be so lovely! And I have a message for these huge commercial brands; “When you are inspired by an independent small brand, …please work together! … Create a capsule collection. Instead of copying these pioneers, all their hard work and their creative minds. The kids-(fashion, interior, design)-world would be much lovelier and nicer if you would collaborate. Besides that, you need their creativity, so give the credits to the ones who create it. Best of both worlds. You will be much more congenial.

5. Last but not least, what would be your advice for a young brand that would love get into kid's fashion ?

Stay true to yourself. Please! All the people who are telling you about the numbers you need to reach, the followers you have to gain and the blablabla… Not that important. In the end it is all about what drives YOU, where do YOU believe in, what would YOUR spot on the horizon beWhere do YOU want to go? Remember, it’s YOUR BRAND, it’s YOUR JOURNEY! Let your brand grow naturally, don’t push it. It’s better to create it sustainable, slowly and as a strong base. Take your time. But above all, "enjoy the wonderful ride", sometimes it will be bumpy, but that’s life heeeyyy… : )

You can follow Kiki on her blog THE COOL HEADS here, and on her Instagram account here