1. Hello Mareen ! Can you present yourself and tell us more about your background ?

Hi, I’m Mareen. I was born in Berlin, Germany and I’m still living here. I'm working as a fashion stylist, mostly for commercials and magazines including women, men and kids.

I studied fashion design a few years ago in Berlin and in Amsterdam (for an exchange semester) and almost right after my university degree I got into fashion styling through an internship. I worked as a styling assistant for more than 2 years and following this, as a freelancing fashion stylist until now. 

2. You're working with both adults and kids models. What do you find more interesting about working with kids ? 

I like that mostly there’s a different atmosphere during the shooting when working with kids. Kids are more inquisitive and many of them ask me a lot of questions during the shooting. Every time it’s a new challenge, because it’s unpredictable how they’ll handle the shooting ideas and how they can implement them. You have to get involved with the kids and sometimes have to make compromises and change your ideas. But mostly I’m really impressed how many kids in a young age can already empathize with different situations and feel the mood we try to create for the shooting. 

3. Can you share with us your creative process ? How do you find inspiration through the seasons ? 

I don’t have a specific source where I find ideas. They come to me through magazines, movies, while walking through the city, lookbooks or just when I talk with the photographer and the involved team about the planned shooting. It’s always the communication among each other that influences the process, where you definitely need to be open for ideas of other people, also if you don’t like these right away. Mostly you find a greater solution together. :) 

4. Can you name 3 trends for this winter season, and which materials and colours were your favorites ? 

To be honest I barely focus on trends or specific colors of the current season. I feel like so many different things are trendy at the same time, that just a new combination with pieces of your own wardrobe can already conform with an actual trend. It’s more important to find your own style with pieces that always work for more that just one or two seasons. 

5. What would be your advice for young brands or someone who wants to start working in Kids' Fashion?

When thinking about the future I would say it’s more than important to think about our planet/environment. We need to be aware of what we do and how we act concerning our consumption. We should find even more ways to work sustainable, to save resources and especially for fashion brands to involve as much upcycling processes as possible when creating new collections (of course other markets as well than just the fashion industry). I think it’s essential to have a good strategy to transport this message to the customer. I feel like there are still so many people out there who don’t know about our real global situation or who try to ignore it. All need to know. It’s necessary for us and our kids’ future!

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