This week, Parisian stylist and Artistic Director Muriel Quoix answers our 5 questions about her professional background, working with kids, her inspiration and the future of the press. Enjoy the reading ! 

1. Hello Muriel, can you briefly present yourself and tell us your professional background ? 

Hello, I am a Stylist and Artistic Director based in Paris for many years now. I work as a freelancer for different magazines like Doolittle, International editorials, and also brands, Pubs (Film or photo) and many other things !

Before I became a stylist I worked as a caseworker for a little, I reoriented into fashion as it was a universe that attracted me but didn’t know anything ! I started as the assistant of a Editor in chief from a big magazine. 

I learned a lot and started to have side gigs as well: Woman’s fashion, man, beauty, celebrities, and some years after I made my first kids series for Anne Charlotte, Doolittle’s founder and I loved it ! 

2. What do you prefer the most about your job and working with kids? 

When working for kid’s series I feel like I’m more free of doing what I really like. The restrictions seem less significant than in woman’s fashion and I feel like everything is possible. 

The kids are spontaneous and willing to have fun in front of a camera. Kid’s sector is developing so fast and it allows us ,creatives, to imagine real visual universes. 

3. Do you find inspiration easily ? Where does it come from ?

My inspiration comes from everything around me: It can be a place I liked a lot, kids whom I’ve worked before, a photographer whose work inspires me, a theme to develop, nature..I don’t find it difficult to think about ideas and convert them in images. 

4. How do you see the evolution of your job? Can it be more “digital”? 

I hope print magazines never die, to be always able to take a mag on your hands and flip over the pages to find editorials. It’s way different in digital. It’s amazing, it goes fast, it allows us to create fast content but it’s ephemeral. 

You can keep a magazine and read it years later. 

5. Finally, what would be your advice for young brands or someone who want to start working in kid’s fashion ?

Find your own identity and dare to do it ! 

You can follow Muriel Quoix on her Instagram account @muriel_quoix and on her website here