This week, we are excited to share with you our little talk with Rosanna Pendleton, freelance art director and co-founder of FOREVER YOUNG MAGAZINE. She answers our 5 questions about FY Magazine, working with kids and DENIM trend. Enjoy the reading ! 

1. Hello Rosanna ! Can you introduce yourself briefly ?

Hi I am Rosanna, a freelance art director.

2. Can you tell us more about FOREVER YOUNG ? What was the project that lead to it ?

FY (FOREVER YOUNG) is a platform showcasing kids editorials, we have teams all over the world shooting for us. It feels like a real community which grows with each new contributor. Photographer Annie Bundfuss and I launched this as a passion project and it’s grown into something really interesting. We love speaking to everyone and generating a supportive feeling between all involved.

3. What's your favourite part of working in the kid's universe ?

Working with kids means no two days are the same. You can never predict what they are going to do. They bring a unique energy to photoshoots which I love. Kids really bring your walls down because you have to create a positive fun atmosphere and I love seeing everyone laughing on set

4. DENIM trend for KIDS: tell us your opinion about this trend, what denim piece do you like the most for kids? 

I love denim, I literally jump for joy when I get booked on a denim shoot. I love that most kids feel comfortable in it, the styling possibilities are endless. At the moment I love white denim mixed with blue denim, and an oversized denim shirt.

5. Last but not least, what would be your advice for someone willing to get into kid’s universe?

I think assisting is a really good way to quickly learn what areas you like and don’t like. Speak up and be kind.

You can follow Rosanna Pendleton and discover her work on her website here, or on her Instagram account @rosanna_pendleton

Discover also FOREVER YOUNG, the website here and the Instagram @fy_mag