Enjoy professional inputs: We are super happy we had the opportunity to ask 5 questions to Enrico Fragale Esposito, digital editor at KID'S WEAR MAGAZINE and deputy editor at SCIMPARELLO MAGAZINE. A very inspiring talk ! 

1. Hello Enrico, can you briefly introduce yourself ? 

I’m digital editor for kid’s wear Magazine and deputy editor for Scimparello Magazine. Actually, I use to deal with many activities beside creating contents, such as being fashion editor when it’s time to organize shootings or becoming stylist assistant on set. I’m a crazy socks lover (I own more than a hundred of pairs), I collect balloons, I have 145 plants in my flat, I drink a lot of coffee and my favourite dish is meatball!

2. How did you get into the world of kid's fashion and what do you like the most about it ? 

It happened by chance! I met Petra (digital director and deputy editor of kid’s wear Magazine) during Milan design week years ago and she involved me in an editorial project that had nothing to do with kid’s fashion. But I started to hang out at her studio and step by step I fell in love with the magazine... what I like most about it is that kids fashion world is more related to creativity and less to commercial rules than adults wear... oh and I love that I can wear kid’s stuff due to my tiny size.

3. As a digital editor, what inspires you to create relevant content? 

Funny stories. I’m tired of all those brands which were born because a mother couldn’t find the right thing for her newborn! And images are so important. Half of my interest is caught by a good image. So my advice is to use professional kids model, professional kids photographer, professional kids hair & make up... to produce images that inspire.

4. Can you name 3 trends for SS21 ? 

I’d say Green (as seen in Bonmot), meant as a color but also as an eco ethic value! Vichy print (as seen in Buho) which comes back every now and then. And finally boho-chic (as seen in Liilu): I’m a big fan of romantic / nostalgic mood! 

5. What would be your advice for someone who wants to start working in kid's fashion ? 

Be multitasking! Don’t focus on one activity but be open to deal with different aspects of the business. Be ready to face the changing of times.

You can follow Enrico on his Instagram @timovontear and on www.kidswear-magazine.com