We better get ready for new challenges in Kid's fashion Industry and "move towards more inclusion within image creation".

Discover our little talk with Yvadney Davis

Hello Yvadney, Can you briefly present yourself?

My name is Yvadney and I live in London with my husband and two kids. I'm a freelance kids fashion stylist.

Can you tell us about your professional background? 

I did my Fashion degree at Central Saint Martins, specializing in fashion design and marketing. After a few years of working in Fashion PR for brands including Smythson of Bond Street & Selfridges, I transitioned into Fashion Styling and writing. Having children introduced me to the world of kids fashion and I haven't looked back. I have worked for brands such as Hackett and Boden and magazines like Observer Magazine and Milk.

Do you think we go towards a new area in KID’S FASHION? Do your customers ask you to adapt your work? 

I think the whole pandemic has exposed how fast fashion was moving before. Too much of everything and actually we need to slow down and make it count. I think we'll definitely see much more sustainability coming through, there is no more room for waste. That might mean working outside of the limits of seasons or reusing old fabrics/ popular designs. I think we will move towards an area of more inclusion within image creation. It shouldn't be about ticking boxes, but we need to see more colour and levels of ability included in campaigns. Starting with children, means we are creating norms for their future.

Tell us about your inspiration when planning new kids fashion editorials, where does it come from mainly?

My inspiration comes from a plethora of films, books, exhibitions, and experiences I have collated over the years and are ready to be plucked out. I love to look through all the look books for the season and pull out pieces that excite me or trends I can see running through different brands.

Finally, what would be your advice for young brands or someone who want to start working in Kids’Fashion?

Kids fashion is all about the kids, so you're creating narratives and collections that center on allowing kids to express themselves and move, but also look good. They're not mannequins, they are wiggly and vibrant! It is also so important to find your voice and share it boldly. It would be a very boring industry if everything looked the same, but at the same time, get plugged in, stay interested, and connected in everything that is happening.

Instagram: instagram.com/yvadney/

Website http://yvadney.com/