In the Blue painted Blue...

The new color of these seasons SPRING/SUMMER is the color of hope reviewed by the Pantone Classic Institute thanks to its experts traveling the world to find us new trends. 

It is certainly the color we love our kids and children to wear, as it matches the sky of sunny and beautiful days.

In our home, the Classic Blue by Pantone is a shade of blue that inspires trust and faith, a place of refuge with a color that allows us to escape...

It is the blue we need for this new decade, as 2020 is the year of reflexion, peace, and resilience according to the article written by Oriana Picconi in the last issue of STYLE PICCOLI

From clothes to accessories, we will find the Classic Blue everywhere this season. Bellerose, Bobo Choses, bonmot, and many other brands have already adopted it, so will you too? 

For a casual dinner in family, a normal day at school, or a more special moment, the Classic Blue will follow you everywhere as well as bringing colors in your life!

So be ready to find some Pantone Classic Blue color in your wardrobes this season!  

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