Yellow is obviously the color we think about when we hear spring, summer, and sunny days. 

It seems that almost every brand have adopted this yellow/lemon trend this season SS2020. Finger in the nose, Bellerose, liilu, tinycottons, Petit Bateau, tuctuc, Repose Ams, all have embraced the trend with their colour palette ranging from bright to pale yellow

Lemon is not only a colour, but it is also a fruit that we love to mix with water during the warmer days, to make a fresh lemonade in order to cool down. And again liilu and tinycottons emphasized the lemon and yellow vibe by giving lemons to the kids to play around during their campaign's photoshoot. 

But yellow is also for the rainy days, thanks to the famous raincoat that the fishermen wear when they go out fishing on the sea. Petit Bateau brings the exact same coat for those rare but existing rainy days of spring and summer. 

So which kind of days do you prefer your kids to wear yellow/lemon for, rainy or sunny days? 

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